Best Shoes for Travel? Ask a Flight Attendant

After all, as several flight attendant bloggers underscored, high heels and turbulence are not a winning combination. And regularly hitting the brakes on a drink cart can scuff, even rip, the tops of their shoes.

What follows are some of their favorite shoes and brands, ideas you can steal for your own weary soles.

“You’re looking for something that’s comfortable inside but at the same time doesn’t look too casual on the outside, which is pretty difficult,” said Bobby Laurie, a Los Angeles-based flight attendant for almost seven years who writes about life in the sky on his blog, “Up, Up and a Gay” and on the Web site Savvy Stews.

His picks? A leather loafer by Skechers called Men’s Work: Exalt – Closer ($65), which has a soft fabric lining, a removable cushioned insole and a shock-absorbing midsole, and Timberland’s Pro Five Star Ashford Lace-Up leather shoe ($110), which the company’s Web site notes was designed for restaurant and hospitality industry professionals and has “anti-fatigue technology” meant to support and cushion feet.

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