City Travel Shoes

For city travel, be sure to choose shoes you'll be comfortable walking in.

What are the best shoes for travel during a city stay?

The best travel shoes, if you will be visiting cities, are either comfortable walking shoes or sandals that are light, breathable and durable.

My Teva sandals were perfect for walking in the city in hot climates. They were foot flattering yet had arch support and straps that held the sandal firmly to the foot.

Tips for the best city travel shoes

  • Choose a breathable material such as leather or shoes that have a mesh area for ventilation.
  • Choose shoes with thick yet flexible soles to help with shock absorption on hard pavements.
  • Ensure that the shoe is attached firmly to the foot. Ballet flats may look stylish but they are terrible for your feet.
  • If you want to wear stylish ballet flats, choose ones with a thick sole and straps that attach the shoe firmly to your feet. Rubber soles are best as they are slip resistant, comfortable and durable.
  • Wear small socks with walking shoes and travel hiking boots to prevent rubbing. Bring enough pairs so that you can wash them in the bathroom with soap and wear a new pair each day.
  • Supportive hiking boots such as Tevas are great for city travel. They look stylish yet are supportive and practical.
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