How to Pick the Best Shoes for Travel in Europe and Beyond

I created Bluffworks to solve one of my biggest travel problems: clothes that are versatile and durable enough for any situation a trip could throw at me. But one problem still remains: finding the best walking shoes for Europe when you’re going from hiking in the Alps to a nice dinner in a single day — as I like to do.

I’ll admit right up front: I don’t have a perfect solution (yet). But I have tried a lot of different shoes in my years of travel, and I’ve come up with a very specific list of what I want and need in a travel shoe. They must be:

  • Supportive for walking and standing long periods
  • Breathable, not too hot
  • Stylish — typically in conflict with the above
  • Not too heavy (but not so light that they lack support)
  • Possibly waterproof (depending on the details of the trip)
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