The 18 Best Travel Shoes for Women (2018 Edition)

I’ve poured hours of time into research for the best women’s travel shoes. After trying on more shoes than I care to admit to help with my problematic feet, it’s safe to say I have generated an extensive list of footwear.

Shoes are arguably the most important item to consider when packing for your travels. A good pair of shoes for travel may not be the most exciting thing in a suitcase, but comfortable feet can make or break your day.

We walk a lot when we travel.

Long walks allow you to immerse yourself in new destinations not to mention it’s healthier. Given modern work trends, we could all stand to walk a bit more.

It may seem simple, but there are a lot of factors that go into a good pair of shoes for travel. These shoes are all picked with optimal comfort in mind, some may not be the most stylish women’s travel shoes, but they are some of the best footwear on the market.

These are my favorite women’s travel shoes for walking all day.

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