The 18 Best Travel Shoes for Women (2018 Edition)

The Best Travel Shoes for Women

 Most Comfortable Travel (and Hiking) Shoe

These aren’t the poshest looking shoes in the world, but they aren’t the ugliest either. After trying on close to 30 pairs of different shoes, the Moab Ventilator shoe is what I ultimately went with and top this list as the best travel shoe. The main reason being that these are hiking shoes. However, I can wear them around just like I would my Nike trainers and they don’t look ridiculous.

These shoes are built tough, built to last, and are just in general good women’s travel shoes. I have probably put over 500 miles and they got me through a year of bush walking in Africa – I still haven’t thrown them out. They are well padded, extremely comfortable, and for about a $20 different you can get the Gortex version (waterproof).

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