Top 10 Best Psychological Anime

No Game No Life – Trailer

Code Geass features political intrigue as well as battles with mechs.Code Geass features political intrigue as well as battles with mechs. | Source

9. Code Geass

Did I just hear you say that you like stunning stratagem and brilliant tactics? Well, you’ll be satisfied with Code Geass on the list. With the brilliant minds of the cast and the plot’s action-packed narrative, this show will blow your mind! This show is indeed one heck of a brilliant masterpiece that deserves its rightful spot on this list.

A rebellion is brewing in the zone known as Area 11, and an exiled prince of Britannia with his beloved sister are caught in the middle of it. Ignorant to the truth and reality of everything that’s happening, Lelouch vi Britannia suddenly meets a so-called witch named C.C. who can grant miraculous powers befitting of kings. That power is called the Geass, and Lelouch awakens his power of Absolute Obedience, capable of issuing absolute one-time commands to whoever he uses his power on. And so, his golden opportunity has come. The war, the world, his life, and the secrets of the past—everything shall be revealed with him in the frontline of the battle!

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