Venom: 10 Secret Superpowers Alien Symbiote Has

Venom is one of the scariest supervillains in the Marvel Universe and one of his famous host and arch-enemy is Spider-Man.

Venom is a sentient alien from Symbiote race. It (Venom) requires a human host body to bond with for its survival. After bonding with its user, the symbiote enhances user’s strength to an extreme level.

When Symbiote bonds with Spider-Man, it considered itself a Venom for him.

Venom made his first live-action appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 in which we witnessed Peter Parker’s affected life when Venom host his body. Besides Peter, Venom’s another hosted body is Eddie Brock, a frustrated reporter who had a grudge against Spider-Man.

Both (Venom & Eddie) possessed hatred towards Spider-Man sought to destroy his life completely. After hosting Eddie’s body, Venom possessed same abilities and knowledge as that of Spidey’s or even better than him.

But despite this Venom owned additional powers that he wants to keep it secret.

Here are Venom’s Top 10 Secret Superpowers which you need to know.


Originally belongs to Spider-Man, Venom can use his webbing technique for his own use.

In the Marvel Comics, Webslinger has been seen to use different kinds of a web.

Original Spiderman was able to shoot organic web and now in a modern era, Peter using a mechanical device to create synthetic but strong webbing.

But during a fight when he could run out of it, he finds himself in a trouble.

However, Venom inherited the ability of Spider-Man when he was wearing thesymbiote suit.

If Peter Parker doesn’t naturally make the webbing then how on earth Venom is able to make it.

This is not an exactly his secret, but it is pretty much obvious that Venom uses its own body to make webbing. He can shoot strands of alien substances in the form of webbing at high pressure up to a distance of 70 feet.

But using its own substance can make Host a vulnerable and weakened and results in brutal defeat.

Actually, this was happened in ‘Amazing Spider-Man #300’ and ever since he has been trying to cover up its weakness.

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