What to Wear: The Best Shoes for Women’s Shorts

What to Wear: The Best Shoes for Women’s Shorts


Of course, choosing the right shoes for your favorite denim cut-off shorts is pretty easy: just walk to your closet, and grab the first pair of flip-flops or sandals that you find.

But there are so many different styles in women’s shorts, and so many different shoes to wear with them, that the combinations are endless — naturally, as with most things in life, some choices are far better than others.

This pictorial guide will walk you through several of the most popular women’s shorts styles and suggest some of the best footwear options for each.

Pictured Above:

  1. Sanctuary ‘Peace’ Shorts
  2. Free People Longer Cargo Shorts
  3. Vince Side Buckle Bermuda Shorts
  4. Fade-triotic Holiday Ombre Jean Shorts
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