10 Tips on Working Fast in UNIX or Linux

3) Use “CTRL+R” for Repeating the Last Matching Command

Best out of the lot if you remember your last command executed sometime back and just want to find that command with the same argument and execute. This is the tip you need to remember.

Just press the “CRTL+R” and type words that you had in your last command and UNIX will find that command for you then just press enter.

All the above three tips will save a lot of your time if you execute commands frequently and percentage of repetition is quite high. for me

I have saved almost 50-60% time by following above three tips. let me know how it works for you guys.

4) Using History Command to Get Some of the Most Frequently Used UNIX Command

Well, this was the first tip I learned when I started working on UNIX. This is your most helpful command in UNIX and Shell scripting.

In most of the cases, there is a certain command like starting, stopping, checking log files, making a build or doing release etc.

These are the commands you often need to execute and if you don’t remember exact command no need to worry, just do history | grep “keyword” and you will get that command from the history on your Linux machine.

There are certain environment variable e.g. HISTSIZE which defines how many command UNIX history can store, so have it big

Enough to save your time and avoid referencing your command booklet every now and then. Btw, if you are not familiar with basic Linux commands then I strongly suggest you go through Linux Command Line Basics to get yourself familiar with commands like this. It will save you tons of your time by avoiding Google every now and then to search appropriate Linux commands for the task at hand.

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