The 21 Easiest Dog Breeds You Can Own

3. Bichon frisé

Bichon Frise dog

Another dog breed to consider if you want a friendly pup? The bichon frisé. This small dog is a great companion both for adults and older children. He’s happy and curious. And he’s both “playful” and “peppy,” according to the AKC. The organization reports that bichons are “bundles of energy, so they’ll need daily play sessions and walks.”

These dogs are easy to train because they love not only to perform, but also to please their people. PetWave describes bichon frisés as “little puffs of personality” who wouldn’t mind going everywhere with you, whether you’re walking, running, or driving around town.

The AKC adds that “owners might even delight in watching their dog suddenly experience a burst of energy, known as the ‘Bichon Blitz,’ during which they’ll comically sprint around their space. That period is usually followed by some serious cuddle time to satisfy their lovable side.”

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